Plane and egg

Bastardization of Flight
Plaster and wood
13"x 32"x 2"

About This Piece

In this piece I tried to use as much symbolism as possible so that the viewer can read the piece in many different ways all of which are valid and almost always within the same overall idea. Even to me it conveys several different stories. The piece started from the idea that manned flight, as beautiful a gift as it is, has from its conception been primarily used for destructive purposes. I chose the White Crane because it was the bird that the Wright brothers most closely studied and based their research on. The plane that I chose to use was the Enola Gay, the B-29 that during the Second World War dropped the first atomic bomb- the devastation of which has never been matched. The two pieces both speak about an evolution of flight from its use to help sustain life to its growing ability to take it.